Production Rates

Video production is a compilation of different components. Projects are quoted based on the client’s particular needs.  Costs vary dependent upon the equipment and team needed, as well as the actual length of the video.  Camera cars, multiple team members, special equipment, and travel are all factors in the cost.

If one camera is used, it takes less time to edit the footage. Whereas, if multiple cameras are used, matching the footage from all of the cameras requires more time.

One minute of video typically requires four hours of editing. This depends on the need for sizing, color correction, sound, and other digital effects.

Standard Rates:

$65/hr Basic Editing
$65/hr Render to DVD (including BluRay)
$75/hr Motion Graphics

$75/hr Basic filming  +$20/hr per extra camera operator

$500/day Basic Filming / 8 hour minamum
$600/day Camera Car/Driver / 4 hour minimum


25% of the total fees is required on the date of booking.
14 days prior to filming, the deposit is non-refundable.
50% of the total is due on the filming date.
The final 25% is due upon delivery of the final production.

Final render of the production will include a watermark that will be removed upon receipt of final payment.


Your needs will be discussed prior to booking to make certain we are aware of all the requirements for the project. This way, we can provide the necessary resources to make your vision become a reality. If you are unsure of what you need, our team is more than happy to discuss the details with you and create a project unique to you.

Productions are timed to the music during editing. Therefore, if you have a particular piece of music that you want to use, we need to know by the date of filming. The project cannot be edited until music is selected. If you choose a piece of music, we ask that you stay away from copyrighted music for obvious reasons. The legal and financial ramifications are too large. We will not, for the sake of our team, be held liable for copywritten music that you have signed off on.

If you choose to change the original project, additional charges will apply.

Final format of the project must be specified at the time of booking. The format of the project affects how we produce.

We strive to provide superior quality video and value for our clients. We design the project to fit our clients needs, budget, and deadline. Our goal is to make your vision a reality.